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LCD and Plasma Repairs

We Repair All brands of LCM/ LCD Screen Display flat panel faults.

Laptop Screen Repairs and Laptop Broken Screen Replacement While you wait.

We can replace your LCD cold cathode florescent lamp (back light) for you about CCFL's some times the glass tube becomes so hot the ends, become brittle and crack/shatter inside the LCD normally lower edge area of laptop panels.

As TV specialists, here at laptoprepairslondon we're experts when it comes to LED/LCD TV repairs and plasma TV repairs. In addition to our huge selection of high quality cheap TV deals, we also offer a convenient and cost effective TV repair service for faulty LCD and LED TVs, in addition to a wide range of other TV types.

laptoprepairslondon.co.uk offer a UK national lcd plasma repairs service at a price which cannot be matched. Our fast lcd plasma repairs service gives you more than just a repair, see our "More than just a Repair" tab on the right for more information.

Our LCD and Plasma screen repair service is quick. We are often able to replace a cracked or broken screen on the same day.

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We specialise in the repair of all makes and models of monitors including medical grade equipment, NEC.

From Flat Screen monitors, including TFT, LCD and LED screens for PC’s as well as industrial terminals.

Our repair services cover CRT monitors and laptop screens as well as LCD, LED and plasma TV.

Our repairs also include lamp/bulb replacements which enable you to continue to use your end of life display to help maintain your critical hardware.

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LCD and Plasma Repairs London
  • Those with LCD's failures (white screen or red screen)
  • Intermittent and completely dead component failures
  • Liquid spillage = blurred screen with whitish blurred blotches
  • Dim or Faint LCD's (backlight out) or Red or orange,display tint will need backlight replacement
  • Transistor open & short circuits,burnt out inverter Blank screen=bad bulb=cathode brown=lamp burnt
  • Thermal stress can make the ends of glass lamps brittle. Faulty display = dry solder joints or static damage to I.C.
  • No Light= Bad inverter N MOSFET or faulty oscillator or Burnt out secondary winding. Yes we can replace surface mount components.
  • Missing individual lines on a display driver = pressure applied to edges of LCD normally better to replace A.C.Film is lose.
  • Blank display. Missing a block of lines, or a bar. Normally better to replace bad flex circuit on substrate.
  • Dim or dark display or black LCD and tinted LCD red color.
  • Damage to the front of the display or Dim LCD Display.
  • Scratched surface of LCD. We can re-polarize (replace the plastic coating over the glass square Thin Film Transistors [TFT]) with a new one.
  • Drink spilled onto LCD we can also bring back to like new working condition.

Most Common Problems with Apple Mac Repairs

  • Broken Power Pins (Power Jack)
  • Blue Screens
  • Cracked Screen
  • Faint Screen
  • Screen Flickering
  • Blue, Red, Green lines on the screen
  • Screen goes off
  • Dim Screen
  • No Power
  • Over Heating
  • Liquid Ingress
  • Cutting Out
  • Light but no display
  • Bios or windows passwords
  • CPU fan not working
  • Laptop is very slow
  • Restarting again and again
  • Keep hanging or shutting down
  • Battery is not charging
  • Problem with a charger
  • Wireless not connecting
  • Quick virus removal
  • Broken laptop body repairs
  • Password removal service
  • Key board & mouse problems
  • Upgrade hds, ram
  • Enhance laptop speed
  • Window repair & upgrade
  • Laptop part exchange
  • We also buy broken laptops


We repairs laptops in most areas of the UK including

We repairs all brands laptop including

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Replace any kind of Laptop Screen we repair all kind of Laptop & PCs

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